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Oskar Kokoschka and the paintress Paula Deppe:


Kokoschka said he had painted his relative Anna Donner  

- in truth, his model was his friend Paula Deppe  

Again and again Oskar and the women: Poster of the Vienna exhibition "Klimt / Schiele / Kokoschka und die Frauen"

written on 31st January 2016


Who is the woman on the painting which Historisches Museum (City of Vienna) bought in 1970 for about 40.000 Euros ? Kokoschka said that the picture shows his relative Anna Donner - and this is asserted till today.


Link to the alleged Anna-Donner-portrait.


In truth however, Kokoschka`s picture does not show Anna Donner, but Paula deppe, who is nearly of the same age as Anna: The resemblance between the woman on the picture and Paula Deppe is striking. This is made clear by this video on Paula Deppe, containing her photos and self-portraits:

Youtube-Video on paintress Paula Deppe

Kokoschka did not tell the truth about the Anna-Donner-portrait

It is already known that Kokoschka did not tell the truth regarding the Anna-Donner-Portrait: According to German newspaper "Spiegel" (29.3.1971) he called it his "earliest work" and the year 1900 was held as the time of origin. The problem: In 19000 Anna Donner (1885 - 1940) was just 15 years old - the person shown by the portrait seems to be at least some years older. In addition: At the age of 14, Kokoschka had not even started his artistic education at Kunstgewerbeschule. So how could he paint at this stage like an "academic" painter ? 


Today the year 1906 is given as the year in which Kokoschka painted the portrait: So the art world today contradicts Kokoschka`s own statement. 

Did Kokoschka want to repudiate Paula Deppe, the friend of his youth ?

If Kokoschka does not inform correctly about the time of origin of his portrait, then it is no surprise to hear that he relates the picture to the wrong woman, Anna Donner instead of Paula Deppe. However, while today nobody thinks of the year 1900 as the time of origin, still tout le monde believes that the portrait shows Anna Donner. Too bad !


Kokoschka has not mentioned his probably first girl friend Julie in his memoirs, as "Der Spiegel" says - and Paula Deppe suffers the same fate. Is this just a sign of forgetfulness - or did Kokoschka want to repudiate the friend of his youth Paula Deppe ?

An "OK" picture showing Paula Deppe

- and this time her name is written on it

Charcoal drawing, bearing the signature "OK", the number "8" and the name "Deppe"

1756 has a charcoal drawing which is signed by the monogram "OK". This picture, too, shows Paul Deppe - and this time her name is written on it. In addition, the picture bears the number "8". The expert of a state art museum comments: "We, too, would understand the number 8 stylistically as a 1908 dating. We would classify it (the picture) as belonging to the setting of an Academy, created in a milieu bourgeois."